Food stylist / Food photographer near me. Dubai | Sharjah | Ajman

A new beginning.. from being Child portrait photographer to Food photographer and food stylist

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Food stylist food photographer near me Dubai | Sharjah | Ajman

Journey from being a newborn photographer to a food stylist and food photographer.

As Time scribbled the welcome note on yet another year-long page of this book called life, I couldn’t help flipping through pages of yesteryear and feel awed and humbled. It has been a year of metamorphosis. A year full of changes. Some subtle, and some conspicuous and rather abrupt changes!

Bangalore had yet again been wonderful. The city being my home away from home, friends old and new around, my two boys in the most adorable phase of their life and above all a flourishing photography career. And then life reckoned it was getting easy enough and pop opened a challenge. And Dubai happened…

Seriously? Another change? Déjà vu! It looked so familiar, 2013 playing all over again, that leap of faith while relocating to the UK. And leap of faith I did take, all over again, just this time the year read 2019 and land offered sea, sand, and sun aplenty.

Then life had promised a challenge, hadn’t it? So in came the twist. Shifting, moving, setting up a home, finding a school for the boys, driving lessons and before I could pause and gather my wits, the year had scribbled halfway through. I had shunned my camera for months now and those skills garnered over years suddenly began to appear so distant. Motivation ebbed, creativity receded and confidence wavered. Shoots that I attempted few and far in-between, felt robotic and monotonous and the end results uninspiring as if I had just been through the motion. So much so for the aspiration of being the best photographer in and around Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman! And I realized, it was time to give it all a jump start.

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Started afresh, with travel and food.  Exploring in and around my new found home. Bustle and finesse of Dubai, the culture, and tranquillity of Sharjah and pristine beaches of Ajman. Soaking in the sun, lazing on the sand, splashing in the sea, collecting relics and souvenirs, relishing the local culture and cuisine. From nowhere came the camera in the hands and over dinner buffet in a far-flung seaside resort, something really clicked in one of those clicks. I had my mojo and a newfound interest – food styling. So began the learning. Reaching out to food stylist mentors, dedicating every tiny bit of time and energy, I could squeeze out. Bit by bit, passion-fuelled the inspiration and rekindled the artist in me.

From being an artist to turning into a business owner had somewhere sapped the imagination and inspiration. But then again as Time scribbled the welcome note on yet another year-long page of this book called life, my metamorphosis had completed. So yeah, so much so for not just the aspiration but a will and a way too, of being one of the best food stylist, food photographer, food blogger, and food enthusiast in your neighborhoods of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman! Sooner than later!!

Finally, A year older with new skills a bit wiser too. time to update my bio Arpna food stylist and Food Photographer.